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Friday, February 24, 2017

Using Primary Source Documents for Intellectually Challenging Research and Rich Discussion

Primary sources provide a window into the past and give us access to first-hand, original documents and records produced by people who lived during that period.  Our Primary Source Document Depot Multi-Pack gives students the ability to utilize technology to explore various primary source documents in an interactive way.  In addition, our graphic organizers will challenge them intellectually to gather their research and synthesize the information that they find. 

Primary Source Multi-Pack Topics Includes:
• The Spanish - American War
• The French and Indian War
• The American Revolution
• Famous Presidential Speeches
• Women's Rights
• Civil Rights

Common Core Aligned, 166 pages.

This Product is Designed to:
• engage students using social studies based primary sources and informational text 
• help students understand how to analyze primary source documents through the use of graphic organizers
• utilize digital resources for interactive learning and discovery through technology integration 
• highlight key historical issues and themes
• use multiple resources for comparison purposes
• promote discussion
• motivate student learning and promote higher order thinking 
• be used in small groups, for differentiated instructional purposes, for 1:1 targeted instructional tutorials, as a close or shared read, or as a whole class for test prep purposes and/or homework for critical thinking and higher-order thinking tasks.
• to allow for student to use the informational text test prep passages as a an additional resource for information as part of a larger unit that you may be working on. 


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