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Friday, March 24, 2017

Canada, Oh Canada! Interactive Notebook and Lapbook Activities

Canada, Oh Canada! Interactive Notebook and Lapbook Activities allows students to think on a higher level by virtue of collaborative and imaginative work. Students will create their lapbooks and/or use the templates for an interactive notebook for differentiated, self-directed learning!

★ ☆ ★ This bundle requires absolutely NO PREPARATION! ★ ☆ ★ and includes our test prep passage on Canada ('America's North American Neighbor'), our student test prep checklist, and our popular Primary Source Document Depot: Canada (a 32-page mini-bundle!).

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Lapbooks are a type of portfolio or collection of student work on a variety of topics using flaps and/or folded displays. Most lapbooks are created out of office file folders which are then folded in half. Lapbooks allow students to showcase their work by providing them an interactive space for sketches and drawings, story summaries, graphical information, timelines, charts, and other forms of written work. Best of all, they can range from any topic or unit study. They truly let students creatively display their work in a way that interests them the most, which allows for a multitude of differentiation for each individual student. 

This 166-page MEGA packet includes a FREE, Canada: America's North American Neighbor ELA Test Prep Informational Text along with our new 32-page 'Oh Canada' Primary Source Document Depot mini-bundle!




Interactive Notebook / Lapbook Packet Includes:
• How to create a lapbook
• Using Composition Notebooks
• How to use the Vocabulary Cards Effectively Through Differentiation and Diverse Learners
• Uncommon Learning: Customized Activities Options
• Pre-selected technology integration interactive website links provided
• Vocabulary Cards Pocket with 33 pre-made, no-prep cards
• Notebook Vocabulary Fold Cards
• Vocabulary Cards Homework / Classwork / Group Activities 
• The 8 Strands of Canada Graphic Organizer 
• Oh Canada! Accordion Timeline
• Informational Diamond
• Compare & Contrast Venn (The United States and Canada)
• Compare & Contrast Venn (American Baseball Hall of Fame and The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto)
• Compare & Contrast Venn (The California Gold Rush and The Yukon / Klondike Goldrush)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (Samuel de Champlain and Henry Hudson)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (The Inuit and The Northwest Coast Indigenous People)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (Inuksuit and Totem Poles)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (The Inuit andThe Northwest Coast Indigenous People)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (Anne of Green Gables and Little Orphan Annie)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (The Inuit and The Northwest Coast Indigenous People)
• Compare & Contrast Bracket (Bigfoot and The Ogopogo Monster)
• Famous Person Spotlight: Viola Davis Desmond and a Compare and Contrast enrichment matrix: Viola Davis Desmond and Rosa Parks.
• Say What? Create your own English to French Dictionary Cards and English to Inuktitut Vocabulary Play on Words Envelopes and no-prep, pre-made cards
• The French & Indian War Informational Diamond
• Canada Chain Link Facts (British Columbia / Alberta / Quebec / Ontario)
• Canada Map Skills
• Character Traits Focus: What were some of the causes and effects of The Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870?
• Cause and Effect Trifold: The Creation of New France
• Cause and Effect Trifold: The Quebec Separatist Movement 
• Important Figures Pocket with 32 pre-made, no-prep figure cards
• The French & Indian War Enrichment Diamond Fold Activity - Ben Franklin
• Enrichment Famous Figure Spotlight Options (Sir John Macdonald / Samuel de Champlain / Wayne Gretzky)
• Pros & Cons Higher Level Thinking Activities (1) What were the pros and cons of Great Britain winning the French and Indian War? (2) What are the pros and cons of Canada gaining its independence through evolution instead of revolution? (3) What are the pros and cons of Quebec Separatism?
• Thought Bubble Activities: (1) What would a member of the Iroquois Confederacy who fought in the French and Indian War say if he could see North America today? (2) What would Samuel de Champlain say if he could see Quebec today?
• All About…Canada Book-Style Flapbook
• 5-Point Pentagon Activity: Historical Facts of Ice Hockey
• Fun and Games: Lacrosse
• Too Cold for Baseball? Famous Canadian-Born Baseball Players – Baseball Card Activity 
• Political Cartoon Focus
• All About…The Mounties Trapezoid Foldable
• Canadian Animal Fact Pocket with 24 pre-made cut-out cards
• Top 10 Canadian Tourist Spots envelope with 10 pre-made, no-prep cards
• Art Focus: Create your own Indigenous (Aboriginal) art piece (Option ‘A’)….. Design your own Totem Pole (Option ‘B’)….. Design your own Inuksuk (Option ‘C’).
• Create A symbolic Canadian Flag
• 4 sides of a Battle: What are four key features of the War of 1812?
• The Flavors of Canada: What are four special “tastes” from Canadian cuisine? 
• Travel Brochure - Create a travel brochure describing some of the most interesting and unique aspects of Canada to potential tourists. 
• Canada Science Connection: The Native Trees of Canada
• Science and Technology Connection (1) The Blanket Toss (2) The Invention of the Snowmobile (3) The Invention of The Zipper
• Journal Entry - Write a journal entry as if you were a tourist vacationing in Canada.
• What If...? Activity: What Souvenirs Would You Take With You? 
• Canada: Then & Now
• Canada Unit 3-2-1 Student Self-Assessment

...and much more!

Common Core aligned thematic unit; 166 engaging pages.

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