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Saturday, March 18, 2017

eBook Bundle: Teaching Common Core Thematic Units Through Technology Integration

eBook Bundle: Teaching Common Core Thematic Units Through Technology Integration

Teaching students through multiple entry points is a big key in getting students engaged and involved with their learning.  With our eBook Bundle: Teaching Common Core Thematic Units Through Technology Integration, learn how to effectively create Common Core aligned thematic units for your students through technology integration and other curriculum areas.

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face in a Common Core-aligned setting is designing, creating, and organizing material that all aligns to the standards (not to mention the time and effort that it takes to do so).  Done correctly through proper planning and organization, a Common Core thematic unit can ultimately help and enrich students of all ages and abilities in ways that you may have never thought of. 

Typically, teachers assign projects (common core-aligned or not) on one topic, for one period of time.  Yet, what if we took it upon ourselves to raise the bar and not only focus on just one topic, but rather to integrate research-based information with multiple subject areas like technology, social studies, visual art, music, and even physical education into one thematic unit that not only challenges students, but enriches what they are learning?  In effect, expanding a topic to reach more students with more options and more intrigue.

Let’s face it, today’s 21 century student is more connected to information because of online and digital sources than ever before.  Students have access to a multitude of resources that can enhance nearly every facet of educational material that you can throw at them.  They are technologically savvy and can do magic with computers...effortlessly.  They learn how to use Google for online searches, design websites, and even master social media faster than a speeding train.  Moreover, they can learn techniques by seeing it demonstrated just once so effectively that sometimes teachers and parents say, “If only they could pay that kind of attention in math!”

Therein lies part of the problem.

Today’s student is hard-wired to utilize technology from birth and there’s no getting around it.  I like to use the horse and blinders comparison...when a computer, or some sort of computer device is placed in front of them, it’s all they see.  Nothing else matters.  So why not marry that effect to the Common Core State Standards and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards to enhance learning to levels, which until now, have been uncharted?  Why not use technology to our advantage?  After all, this is what students desire...what they long to use...what they almost “need” to use in order to do what curriculums around the world are asking of them. 

In this book, you’ll learn how to effectively design and create Common Core aligned thematic units for your students that will enhance what they are learning by applying concepts that they have previously been exposed to.  In addition, you will also find examples that show how powerful a collaborative thematic unit can be.  Finally, you will learn techniques that will connect one curriculum area to another which will ultimately allow students to develop skills that they will use for years to come; allowing students to be on the path to college and career readiness.  The best part: when you realize that magic moment when your students are learning material in ways that you never thought could possibly happen -- and occasionally -- without even realizing it’s happening in the first place.  

The 86-page eBook details every step of the way - from brainstorming sessions with classroom and support/special/cluster teachers to integrating technology and the Common Core State Standards with ideas-galore! Impress your administrators and the parents of your students as you engage and inspire everyone involved! You will truly enhance any unit of study by including creative techniques that will ultimately help and enrich students of all ages and abilities.

Bundle includes: 
• eBook: Teaching Common Core Thematic Units Through Technology Integration and Other Curriculum Areas (86 pages) that walks you through the brainstorming and creative side of thematic units.
• Thematic Unit Teacher Team Brainstorming Packet
• Technology Tips embedded throughout to get the most out of your unit 
• Common Core State Standards, ISTE Technology Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards Addressed & Noted
• Social Studies Learning Menus: Ancient Rome, Birth of America, Canada, Iroquois Confederacy
• Social Studies Learning Menu Rubric for Student Self-Assessment / Grading
• Social Studies Notebook Grading Rubric for Student Self-Assessment / Grading
• The 8 Strands of Social Studies Classroom Poster
• Lesson Plan Samples


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