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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Iroquois Confederacy Interactive Notebook Activities with Test Prep Passage

If you're looking for a new and engaging way for students to get deeper into your Iroquois unit, try our Iroquois Confederacy Interactive Notebook and Lapbook Activities

★ ☆ This bundle requires absolutely NO PREPARATION and includes our Iroquois Confederacy Informational Text Test Prep Passage with student test prep checklist! ★ ☆

Interactive Notebooks and lapbooks are a type of portfolio or collection of student work on a variety of topics using flaps and/or folded displays. 

Most lapbooks are created out of office file folders which are then folded in half. Lapbooks allow students to showcase their work by providing them an interactive space for sketches and drawings, story summaries, graphical information, timelines, charts, and other forms of written work. Best of all, they can range from any topic or unit study. This type of engaging work truly lets students creatively display their work in a way that interests them the most, which allows for a multitude of differentiation for each individual student!

Interactive Notebook / Lapbook Packet Includes:
• How to create a lapbook
• How to use the Vocabulary Cards Effectively Through Differentiation and Diverse Learners
• Uncommon Learning: Customized Activities Options
• Pre-selected technology integration interactive websites
• Iroquois Vocabulary Cards Pocket with 39 pre-made, no-prep cards
• Iroquois notebook vocabulary fold cards
• Iroquois Accordion Timeline
• Compare and Contrast: Iroquois and the government of The United States of America
• Iroquois Compare & Contrast Bracket (Compare and contrast Iroquois and Algonquian)
• Iroquois Compare & Contrast Bracket (Any 2 Iroquois Confederacy Nations).
• Iroquois Compare & Contrast Bracket (Modern Lacrosse and Hockey).
• Say What? ‘English’ to 'Iroquois’ Vocabulary Play on Words Envelopes and Cards
• Iroquois- The Tomahawk
• Iroquois- The Longhouse
• Iroquois Informational Diamond
• Iroquois Map Skills
• Iroquois Cause and Effect Flaps:What is the cause and effect of European exploration in North America?
• Iroquois Cause and Effect Trifold: The Fur Trade
• Iroquois Important Figures Pocket with 12 pre-made, no-prep cards
• Iroquois Enrichment Diamond Fold Activity
• What would Deganawida (Dekanawidah, The Great Peacemaker) say if he could see the Iroquois Confederation today? 
• All About…Iroquois Book-Style Flapbook
• Iroquois 5-Point Pentagon - Hunters and Gatherers
• Iroquois: Animals the Iroquois Hunted Activity with 8 pre-made, no-prep animal cards
• All About…The Iroquois People Trapezoid Foldable
• Iroquois Fun & Games: Lacrosse
• Differentiated Activities: Iroquois Art Focus (Option ‘A’)...Iroquois Mask Carvings Art Focus (Option ‘B’).
• Iroquois Create A Australian Flag
• Iroquois: The 4 Sides of A Battle: The French & Indian War
• Iroquois Travel Brochure Activity
• Iroquois Journal Entry - Write a journal entry as if you were an Iroquois leader in the 1700s.
• Iroquois: What Souvenirs Would You take With You? Activity
• Iroquois: Then and Now Activity Foldable
• Iroquois 3-2-1 Student Self-Assessment

Common Core aligned thematic unit; 82 engaging pages.

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