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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Three Branches of Government Lesson Plans & Interactive Notebook MEGA Bundle

★ ☆ ★ This bundle requires absolutely NO PREPARATION! ★ ☆ ★

This detailed and extensive lesson plan bundle with interactive notebook activities has everything you need for teaching this amazing unit! Students will learn all about the United States Government in a kid-friendly, easy-to-understand way. As a bonus, we've included lessons and activities connected to this year's Presidential election! 

• Three Branches of Government Learning Menu
• Social Studies Folder Checklist
• Learning Menu Checklist and Rubric 
• 3-TO-1 Classwork and Homework Assignment
• 10-question multiple choice End-of-Unit Assessment (student edition and teacher answer key included!)
• Primary Source Document Depot: The Three Branches of Government
Primary sources provide a window into the past. They provide access to first-hand, original documents and records produced by people who lived during that period.

This Product is Designed to
• engage students using social studies based primary sources and informational text 
• help students understand how to analyze primary source documents through the use of graphic organizers
• utilize digital resources for interactive learning and discovery through technology integration 
• highlight key historical issues and themes
• use multiple resources for comparison purposes
• promote discussion
• motivate student learning and promote higher order thinking 

Common Core Aligned


Lessons Overview:

Lesson Plan #1: Setting Up Your SS Notebook: Students will set up their SS notebooks for successful note-taking during a unit on the 3 Branches of Government
Lesson Plan #2: Why Three Branches of Government? 
Lesson Plan #3: The Legislative Branch
Lesson Plan #4: The Executive Branch 
Lesson Plan #5: The Judicial Branch 
Lesson Plan #6: Which is the most important branch of government?
Lesson Plan #7: Election Day/The Electoral College 
Lesson Plan #8: The 2016 Presidential Election 
Lesson Plan #9: 2016 Presidential Debate 
Lesson Plan #10: Edit, Revise, Publish 3 Branches of Government Notebooks/Learning Menus
Lesson Plan #11: Present your 3 branches of Government Notebooks/Learning Menus 

Social Studies Folder Checklist, Learning Menu Checklist, Rubric included, and 3-TO-1 Classwork and Homework Assignments included!

Thematically Integrated and Common Core Aligned, 171 engaging pages.


The Three Branches of Government Interactive Notebook Activities: Learn how the United States government works along with engaging age-appropriate activities in a hands-on way!

Interactive Notebooks and lapbooks are a type of portfolio or collection of student work on a variety of topics using flaps and/or folded displays. Most lapbooks are created out of office file folders which are then folded in half. Lapbooks allow students to showcase their work by providing them an interactive space for sketches and drawings, story summaries, graphical information, timelines, charts, and other forms of written work. Best of all, they can range from any topic or unit study. They truly let students creatively display their work in a way that interests them the most, which allows for a multitude of differentiation for each individual student. 

Interactive Notebook / Lapbook Packet Includes:
• How to create a Lapbook
• How to use the Vocabulary Cards Effectively Through Differentiation and Diverse Learners
• Uncommon Learning: Customized Project Activity Options
• Pre-selected technology integration interactive websites for classroom use embedded throughout.
• Three Branches vocabulary pocket with 57 pre-made, no-prep vocabulary cards!
• 7 Three Branches vocabulary folds for social studies notebook
• Three Branches of Government Accordion Timeline documenting four important Supreme Court cases in U.S. history
• Three Branches of Government Accordion Timeline documenting important moments in presidential history
• Three Branches of Government Compare/Contrast The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House of Representatives Venn
• Three Branches of Government Enrichment Challenge - Branching Out
• Three Branches of Government Differentiated Option Activities embedded throughout!
• Three Branches of Government Triple Venn
• Three Branches of Government Differentiated Option Activities embedded throughout!
• Three Branches of Government Compare & Contrast Bracket (Compare/Contrast the United States government with another country’s government)
• Three Branches of Government Compare & Contrast Trifold (pros and cons in appointing Supreme Court Justices to a lifetime position)
• Three Branches of Government Informational Diamond
• Three Branches of Government Cause and Effect Flaps: 
What are the cause and effects The United States of America creating three branches of government? 
• Three Branches of Government Cause and Effect Trifold (What are some causes and effects of casting your vote to one candidate or another?)
• Three Branches of Government Important Figures pocket with 24 pre-made, no-prep cards
• All About… Three Branches of Government Book-Style Flapbook
• Three Branches of Government Fact Pocket with 4 pre-made, no-prep cards with internet links
• Three Branches of Government Three Branches of Government Enrichment Option Diamond Fold
• Three Branches of Government Art Focus: Create an election poster
• Three Branches of Government Debate Focus
• Three Branches of Government The Ballot Box and Cast-A-Vote
• Three Branches of Government Journal Entry
• Three Branches of Government All About… The Legislative, Executive, & Judicial Branch Trapezoid Foldable
• Three Branches of Government What would George Washington think of the process in which we elect people to office?
• Three Branches of Government Science & Technology Connection: Digital & Electronic Election Ballots 
• Three Branches of Government 5-Point Pentagon Executive Presidential Power
• Three Branches of Government 3-2-1 Student Self-Assessment
• The Role of the President ELA Informational Text Test Prep Passage

...and more!

This bundle also includes our Alexander Hamilton: A Founding Father Becomes A Broadway Sensation ELA Informational Text Test Prep Passage (Grades 4-5 and 6+) - Differentiated Reading Levels at no additional charge!

Informational Text Test Prep Annotation Assistant with Graphic Organizers - Included!

★ ☆ ★ This differentiated test prep bundle within the bundle requires absolutely NO PREPARATION and includes our Annotation Assistant with teacher notes, graphic organizers, and student bookmark assistant to help students annotate and take notes. Bundle also includes our student test-prep checklist for student reference! ★ ☆ ★

Perfect for Close Reading strategies, individual test prep practice, small group work, tutoring, vacation packet practice, enrichment / intellectual challenges, and more!

Includes out popular Primary Source Document Depot Activities:



and our Test Prep Passage:  The Role of the United States President



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