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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

America At War Interactive Activities, Test Prep, & Primary Source Document Depot

America At War Interactive Activities, Test Prep, and Primary Source Document Depot Toolkit

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★ ☆ ★ This bundle requires absolutely NO PREPARATION ★ ☆ ★

Interactive Notebooks and lapbooks are a type of portfolio or collection of student work on a variety of topics using flaps and/or folded displays. Most lapbooks are created out of office file folders which are then folded in half. Lapbooks allow students to showcase their work by providing them an interactive space for sketches and drawings, story summaries, graphical information, timelines, charts, and other forms of written work. Best of all, they can range from any topic or unit study. They truly let students creatively display their work in a way that interests them the most, which allows for a multitude of differentiation for each individual student. 

Our America At War Bundle includes interactive activities, test prep passages, and primary source document depot mini-bundles on some of America's greatest wars.

Interactive Notebook Activities Include:
Table Of Contents: 
Teacher Notes
Section A: The French & Indian War
Section B: The American Revolution
Section C: The War of 1812
Section D: The Mexican-American War
Section E: The Civil War
Section F: The Spanish-American War
Section G: World War I
Section H: World War II
Section I: The Korean War
Section J: The Vietnam War
Section K: Desert Storm
Section L: The War on Terrorism

Test Prep Passages include:
✴ Colonial America: A Difficult Decision 
✴ The Spanish American War
✴ The Texas Revolution: Two Sides of The Alamo
✴ The U.S. Civil War: A Nation Divided

Primary Source Document Depot Mini-Bundles Include:
✴ The French & Indian War
✴ The American Revolution
✴ The Spanish-American War

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