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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Apples To Oregon Differentiated Interactive Notebook Reading Activities

Apples To Oregon Differentiated Interactive Notebook Reading Activities 

Apples to Oregon Interactive Activities includes differentiated interactive activities and makes a eye-catching student-created bulletin board!

This Product is Designed to:
• engage students using social studies based resources 
• help students understand what was read through the use of differentiated graphic organizers
• utilize digital resources for interactive learning and discovery through technology integration 
• highlight key issues and themes
• use multiple resources for comparison purposes
• promote discussion
• motivate student learning and promote higher order thinking 

This resource includes:
• How to make an interactive notebook/lapbook
• Interactive Notebook pocket envelope for storage of work that is not yet completed
• Depth of Knowledge Higher Order Thinking Questions
• Homework Thinking Response Questions 
• Vocabulary Word Work
• Vocabulary Word Search
• Historical Fiction Task Cards
• Literary Tool Focus: Foreboding
• Author's Purpose
• Differentiated Comparing/Contrasting using multiple graphic organizers for specific teacher targets
• Character Traits
• Point of View
• Puzzle Pieces Jigsaw Activity
• Enrichment Diamond Fold Activity
• On Demand Writing Activity
• Map Skills
• Famous Figure Foldable: Ezra Meeker
• New World Animal Facts Pocket and Cards
• Science Connections: Pomology: The Study of Growing Fruit
• Create an Acrostic Poem Activity
• 3-2-1 Student Self Assessment


...and lots more!